The Flying Winemaker - Tokyo
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An idea born on the streets of Hong Kong in 2010, The Flying Winemaker originated as a talisman for those determined to change the way wine is perceived, drunk and shared in Asia. Led by founder Eddie McDougall, the company continues to instigate a vino revolution in a region where wine still has a very white tablecloth perception.

Through a combination of guerilla Hong Kong wine tasting events, innovative marketing & media promotion, wine education classes (with a twist!) and an active wine members club, The Flying Winemaker leads the charge as Asia’s most exciting emerging name in wine.

A mixture of avid winemakers, experienced marketers and former luxury hospitality professionals make up the current team at The Flying Winemaker. The original citywide focus has grown to a regional grasp, with events in Singapore, Taiwan, Sydney & Hong Kong.

2014 saw the launch of our Television Series on Discovery Channel Network’s TLC, bringing The Flying Winemaker name into over 160 Million households in Asia & Australia. This past year has also seen new vintages of our own line of wines, Eddie McDougall Fine Wines of Australia, hit the market with more varietals then before with Sangiovese, Shiraz, Pinot Gris, Rosé & Prosecco all released.

  • 2017年4月26日

    ロゼ•ペア•ディナーの五つのコースメニューが出てきます! 早めに、メニューをチェックしてください。18日のロゼと食事を楽しむペアディナーをお見逃しないように! スペースは非常に限られています、早めに、チケットを購入してください。